Artist residency

During my stay at the Villa San Francisco artist residency in January 2021 I reflected on my core values and the source of my art practice. Creating something new out of something old is a process of renewal as well as of honoring the value that the material world brings to our lives. Objects we use or place in our living spaces are part of our personal narratives. Whether we chose them or they were given to us, whether we interact with them often or only look at them occasionally, they are all threads in the weaving of our story.

My time at Villa San Francisco was dedicated to practices that are dear to me. I have repaired personal broken objects while reflecting on how they have accompanied me so far and how they all link to each other. Instead of artwork made of wood strips, I used the medium of video to create a new narrative out of object memories.

On January 15, I had the pleasure of engagin in conversation with Micheal Swank, director, curator and artist at PRPGMX. As artists who make use of found materials in our work, we reflected on our practice in the context of our consumerist times. What inspiration can be drawn from the Californian wood that others dispose of, or the abandoned street posters in Mexico City, where Micheal currently resides? Do artists have an ethical responsibility to encourage sustainability, setting an example through their work?

You can watch the recoding of our live conversation here:

Visit MerciSF’s website to read a full interview about my art and my stay at Villa San Francisco:

Additional to my artist residency video project, I have asked other people to entrust their broken objects with me. This practice of repairing and documenting in short videos is an ongoing project and anyone is welcome to submit a broken object. My only request is a voice recording of the object’s story (under 3 minutes).

Judit’s chop stick
Mushi’s chair

Villa San Francisco is a project of the Cultural Services of the French Embassy in the United States, co-produced with the Consulate General of France in San Francisco and the French American Cultural Society with the support of Institut Français, Paris.